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Komplektā neietilpst hi-hat statīvs un basbungas pedālis!!!

Strike performance module with 4.3 full-color LCD screen and individual outputs
All new sounds, 200 kits and over 1000 multi-sampled instruments
Large dual-hoop pads with wood shells, and adjustable mesh heads
14″ Kick drum, 12″ snare pad, 8″,10″,12″ tom pads
16″ triple-zone ride cymbal,14” crash cymbal, and 12″moveable hi-hat
Premium 4-Post Chrome Rack
Software editor for creating custom kits/instruments,and importing .wav files
Larger and more flexible 4-post chrome rack
Alesis play-along songs
On board Sampling capability
USB/MIDI output for use with virtual instrument and recording software


  • Strike Performance Module
  • 12″ dual-zone Snare Pad
  • 8″ dual-zone Tom Pad
  • 10″ dual-zone Tom Pad
  • 12″ dual-zone Tom Pad
  • 16″ triple-zone Ride cymbal
  • 14″ dual-zone crash cymbal
  • 12″ movable hi-hat cymbal
  • 4-Post chrome rack
  • double braced snare stand
  • cable snake
  • cable wraps
  • drum key
  • drumsticks
  • power supply
  • module user guide
  • kit assembly guide
Svars 46 kg